Organza Illusions

coalstar, come and kiss me from viscosemoon step down and make me black and wispy be moonvelvet, my gown my precious only I may grasp you, lay you milk and white and touch and sigh upon my rainbowsilk coalstar, come and find me with your planecord fly down and circle me and bind me taut

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Poésie II

hole in the sky in the sky a hole look a hole in the sky gone white cloud in front *** namespell a star above the sea is a sea of e in motion is the wild taming of a virgin is lust and dream one that does not wake is holy is whore is

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Poésie I

long gone long gone is a feeling on skin hand and thigh when you lay with me on me between us a sigh when your hair stuck from sweat stuck from heat stuck from force when it stuck to me stayed and kept leaving me hoarse when a drop from your skin was falling on

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