metus diluculum


you pass the night
be-sip my roots
in a circle of barges
parley me
with tarrying tongue
silently longing
foreboding the morrow
striving for horizons
sucking and
baptising me
shadowpale oozing
dark above
and light below

a hologram
of line comma dot
a prism of pixie dust

besiege me
desire me
unfeathered dispersed
your black blue You
my dis-blue Entari

it oozes
in floating currents
softening shifts
a longing sound
a black blue flowing
dripping beast
I suck you
I leach you
of your circle of barges
imagine me hidden
under the end of the earth
éclair de chaleur
of an endless night
I feel you
dark above
and light below

you enter me lonely
a pulsing pari passu
a pulse which parries
my Mandaean mumbling
your circular cranking
corridere vertigo vaticinus

your being
on the horizon
a venturous weaving

¬© Marianne Jungmaier, Linz 2014, German version published in “Die Rampe”

Categories: Poems