you caught me (wings and owls)


ne me quitte pas,
Pavlov’s daughter says
a saint
but only if she gets
her socks on right
some say
she’s a bitch
because she
takes you home
(but without the gas mask)
her breath
enchants you
you caught me,
you say
outright fallen
under her spell
a prince
in a fairy-tale castle
with fairy wings
all tied and gagged
(so stiff and stuck and prickly)
never loving
always retaining
this is how it worked
inside her catacomb
a bed without porch
a circus without canopy
her masks adjusted to tears
she’s dancing tango with you
on the trapeze cord
without the fishnet stockings
(but only until morning comes)
until the sun explodes
between twigs and branches
red socks on moss green
when you awake
she will go to sleep
and dream of orcas
and owls
she knows it
love will be the death of her
she says
aren’t we all
harlots in the heart

© Marianne Jungmaier, Berlin, 2015
lyrics by Regina Spektor

Categories: harlots im herzen, Poems