Poésie I

long gone

long gone
is a feeling on skin
hand and thigh
when you lay
with me on me between us
a sigh
when your hair stuck
from sweat
stuck from heat stuck from force
when it stuck to me stayed and
kept leaving me hoarse
when a drop from your skin
was falling on my waist
a burn mark that was
so we kept making haste
with touch and with tongue
but I could not endure
that by this we allowed each other to mure
there was a touch of a hand
and a feeling on skin
when you lay with me on me
were making me sing
and that is
long gone


no more me

who are you
have you been
with me
were you
with me?
who were we
have we been
with me
have we been
who am I
have I been
with you
was I
with you?
be it
I am
no more

© Marianne Jungmaier, Salzburg 2011

Categories: Poems